Online Reputation Management | Elements

Certified Digital Marketing Professional
I am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional. This is the highest certification Digital Marketer awards, the premier digital marketing trainers.

I have taken this training and adapted it into the Online Reputation Management | Elements program. I use the techniques they have taught me in conjunction with other leading marketers to enable my clients to attract their ideal client.

The purpose of my strategy is to have my clients contacted by pre-qualified prospects who already know, like and trust the planner without requiring the planner to exert time on leads that don’t convert, the prospect knows what to expect from the orientation meeting forward.

My clients use their online reputation to communicate who they are and their firm’s philosophy in 9 ELEMENTS for your online reputationsuch a way that prospects can evaluate whether or not your firm is a good fit without taking any of your time. There are multiple beneficial side effects such as building your voice as an authority, PR opporutunities and improving the financial lives of families who appreciate your work but aren’t good client prospects.

Your web presence is often your first impression. Ensure that you cater to both prospects and existing clients. Are you showing your best side when your clients and prospects look your firm on the web?

It doesn’t need to be difficult.  Working with us results in a manageable plan that is tailored to your firm’s needs and availability.

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