What does it mean to be a

Certified Digital Marketing Professional?

Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Guide your prospect along a natural path getting to know you as their trusted advisor.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content Marketing Specialist

Create content that helps you educate your clients and prospects.  Demonstrate your thought leadership

Customer Acquisition Specialist

Customer Acuisition Specialist

Creating Ad Grids that guide your paid traffic strategy.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist

Establish Effective Report with your audience.  Cultivating your relationship as their trusted advisor.

Social and Community Manager

Social & Community Manager

Relate to your clients, prospects and audience with the tools available through social media.

Search Marketing Specialist

Search Marketing Specialist

Understand how your prospect finds you and how your clients see you.

Analytics & Data Specialist

Analytics and Data Specialist

Measure and improve your process.  Know what progress looks like.  

Optimization & Testing Specialist

Optimization & Testing Specialist

Know how to measure and optimize your process

Our Journey 

Jake got his first computer in 1985.  It didn't have a modem or a hard drive but was in color and had a whopping 2MB of RAM.  His fascination with technology grew from there.  He has watched the internet evolve and brings a broad range of understanding to coach his clients.

Jake's first job after school was with a boutique financial planning firm in the inner Loop of Chicago.  ​Besides a stint with the Integral Institute and the data mining firm Umbria Communications, Jake has worked for RIAs.  He bring his understanding from both of these companies to his current clients.  He was the manager of Community Relations for the online RIA Myfinancialadvice for five years.

In 2013 Jake started Wagner Communication Systems.  It was easy to see how difficult the internet and software landscape can be for Certified Financial Planners™.  He established Wagner Communication Systems to help CFP® Professionals by coaching and implementing the best compliant digital marketing strategies available. ​

We bridge the gap between your tech needs and your business’s demands to create an engaging high tech / high touch experience for you and your clients. Our solutions enrich your firm’s online presence and support you and improve your bottom line with contemporary digital marketing strategies. 

Since We Started

In 2016 Jake enrolled in Digital Marketer's most prestigious program, Digital Marketing Mastery to acquire the Certified Digital Marketing Professional designation.  

Digital marketing is a combination of strategies only available through the internet and traditional marketing.  Using remarketing pixels, Avatars/Personas and using a combination of these tools to create a custom journey that leads your ideal client to from not knowing you to being a loyal and raving client.  

We use powerful technologies, strategies and insights tools to get the job done.  We listen to you to understand what sort of client you want to attract then help you build an online presence that is ideal for your ideal client.

Our goal is to enable better client opportunities for you. By using digital marketing strategies we help you communicate clearly with your clients and prospects with using the leverage of digital marketing.

Do You Have Questions?

Get in touch with us! Our outstanding customer support team will get back to you within a couple of hours.