About Digital Marketing

cdmp_badgeJacob Wagner, CDMP is the principal of Wagner Communication Systems.  He is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional born and raised in the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ Profession.

Being raised in the industry, the financial planning profession is in Jake’s DNA. He understands the needs and concerns of the financial planning profession as well as the variety of regulatory environments and client concerns of his clients.

Digital marketing is a combination of strategy and traditional marketing in combination with the powerful technologies, strategies and insights possible with the modern world wide web.  We listen to you to understand what sort of client you want to attract then help you build an online presence that is ideal for your ideal client.

Our goal is to enable better client opportunities for our clients.  By using digital marketing we help you communicate with your clients and prospects using the leverage of digital marketing.

Our Experience

With close to a decade of experience in the financial planning industry and over a decade of experience working professionally with technology and IT. We bridge the gap between your tech needs and your business’s demands to create an engaging high tech / high touch experience for you and your clients. Our solutions enrich your firm’s presence and support your efficiency to improve your bottom line. We have a wide array of tech resources to meet virtually any tech need.

Jake began his professional career with Aequus Wealth Management, a small but great wealth management firm in downtown Chicago. The family owned nature of the practice and life planning based approach were solid foundations for his professional career. After this internship he moved back to his hometown of Denver, Colorado to work with the Integral Institute, a think tank devoted to Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics and other conscious approaches to life. These modalities allow Jake to understand where a person is and what they need to be more effective. From here he worked with the blog data mining company, Umbria Communications which was acquired by J.D. Power and Associates.

Wagner's Mission and VisionHe then took his knowledge of the tech landscape and moved back into the financial planning industry as the Manager of Community Relations for Myfinancialadvice for 5 years. In this position Jake learned the ins and outs of online financial compliance as well as a greater depth about the day to day needs of small and medium sized financial planning practices. Myfinancialadvice was a great idea, but ahead of its time and had to close its doors at the end of 2012.

At this point Jake took his Financial Planning Industry and Technical knowledge into his own fold to start Wagner Communication Systems, Inc. Now, we serve Certified Financial Planners™ and the CFP® Industry as a digital marketing ad agency.

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